Lei Cine Scoring Stage (2496 Stage) is the main stage of the Lei Cine Scoring Orchestra. It has an area of about 104 m2 and can involve a string orchestra that constituted by 34 players to record. It also can contain the 11 brass and 8 woodwind to record at the same time. In addition, we provide an online monitor service for clients based in other places. You can just sit in your studio and listen to the lossless recording score in time.
Lei Cine Scoring Orchestra provides a professional orchestrator service. Just give us MIDI files or a single melody score, then tell us what kind of orchestra you want. Finally, you can just get relax and enjoy the recording.
  • 会客厅

  • 硬件控制器

  • Lei Cine Scoring Orchestra is recording scores

  • Lei Cine Scoring Orchestra String Band is recording scores.

  • Lei Cine Scoring Stage (2496 Stage A)

  • Lei Cine Scoring Stage (2496 Stage B)

  • Lei Cine Scoring Stage(2496 Stage C)

  • Control Room C

Lei Cine Scoring Orchestra is a symphony orchestra that focuses on screen scores. The orchestra is constituted by the best players in China that have rich experience in music recording and music performing. The players are mostly from China Philharmonic Orchestra, National Centre for the Performing Arts of China, and also have outstanding teachers of the music institutions.
Orchestra Recording
Recording Stage
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